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rockstar_magni's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to rockstar_magni, a community ran by 43100 and dedicated to the very talented Rockstar: Supernova contestant, Magni. If you happen to be a fan of him, or the show itself, why not join? There are only a few rules:

- Remain civil to fellow fans. If a fan states a particular opinion that you don't agree with, don't bash them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However - that being said - if your opinion bashes the subject of this community in any way, shape, or form, I will delete your entry and give you a warning. This is for fans, not trolls and extremely disrespectful folks.
- You may post all the Magni-related icons you want! You're only allowed three icons in your teaser, the rest should be behind an lj-cut or a fake cut.
- If you're posting pictures, put them behind an lj cut. If you're only posting one picture, put it behind an lj cut as well, unless it's less than 200 pixels wide.
- Everything Magni-related is allowed.
- Have fun, and feel free to pimp the community. ;)

Any suggestions, complaints, or affiliate requests? Let me know in this post. Thanks!